Hello, I am Genn

+1 (415) 570-8911

Product Designer,
UX Protagonist,
Master of Computer Science

Usually, I join a project at the very beginning or the moment help is needed the most. It doesn’t matter if I start from scratch or have a working solution to support. I build a strong product as a mixture of design, technology, strategy, research, and deep understanding of the underlying process.

I don’t just solve usability tasks. I solve business tasks making the product the most usable the way the business needs it to be.

the awesomest of experiences
for more than
20 years.

Was happy to work on projects for

… and many more since 1998!

Here are only a few industries and activities I applied my skills in

I’ll be excited to showcase all the projects from my portfolio in person or on the call.

It’s not about being lazy or something or not caring to show a couple of screenshots. It’s about solving the complex tasks.

Starting to work on a project from scratch and evolving it to a winning solution at the end of the day throughout a year, would I explain it with screenshots? Every project is a novel. Well, illustrated, but nevertheless, it is vast.

As a designer, I know that no one will read the text so long in a portfolio. I love to show and explain the cases, especially when tutoring the designers, but it is the act, not screenshots with texts.