Once the man I know and who’s job is something about moving numbers from on Excel row to another asked me, “How aren’t you bored with what you do for living (whatever you do)?” As long as whatever I do including writing is of this post can hardly compete with fascinating words of numbers and Excel I started explaining how I still haven’t shoot myself because of all this dull design and ad things I do. I stated that as for me, the secret of successful and interesting job, whatever you do, is in enjoying it. Working under whiplash is nonsense, you have to change either your attitude or your work. Laundering seals, joking on Higgs boson or making sites must be made with ease. That’s when the work will thank you with great ideas and good emotions.


While working on new site of Invest Gazeta I was caught by an idea that looked interesting. Couple of pen sweeps over Wacom, hand fluttering over the keyboard and 20 minutes of Google Images results exploration later I’ve sent a message to Akella who was on some part of technical realization:

His reply was immediate:

So I clarified a couple of details that covers and newspapers’ front pages can be sized different:

There was no arguing about that too. A little bit later Akella offered to use magazine and newspaper metaphor all over the site and not in just one block as I thought earlier. I drew a smaller version and made design for issues with no covers as for magazines and for newspapers. You can see them designed at Covers archive page or live at HTML-coded example.