Not so long ago me and my fellow antique, travel and glamour photographer from Minsk started a project called Walkyrie. Time passed by and here we are with helveticized vintage photo number 100. One-wow-hundred. It’s not just some kind of milestone or a reason to have some champagne but also some kind of a birthday.

As we are going to print the catalogue of walkyries in the nearest future but not today and we wanted with all two of our hearts to do something special to celebrate we’re 100 walkyries high, we decided to create the thing we’ve never saw before — ebook stuffed with artistic material like any printed design or art catalogue. The format chosen was ePub. You can read it with reader on your mobile device or computer. There are two versions of album (every is about 15 Mbytes): Walkyrie × 100 which should work with any and every reader and the iBooks special edition Walkyrie × 100 Interactive. You can always find links to both versions on I recommend to download interactive version if you’re using iBooks on your iPhone, iPod or iPad. Here is a tip how to add ePub to iBooks from Apple. And while the file is downloading let me tell you how it was creating the interactive art catalogue.

Why so interactive?

The idea of creating interactive ePub that can be viewed with default applications on idevices captured my mind long ago but I didn’t pay much attention to it. One day Ameagari asked in his twitter if anyone saw an interactive ePub. I didn’t and didn’t find any true interactiveness on the web. So I made one now ;)

It wasn’t so easy

My friend got a special t-shirt from NYC with lettering ‘fuck rude people, fuck subways, fuck rain, fuck high prices…’ and so on. I can make such t-shirt after creating and testing Walkyrie × 100 Interactive for iBooks. The words except ‘fuck’ would be ‘webkit’, ‘z-index’, ‘font-family’, ‘jquery, ‘iBooks’ etc. I’ll tell you why.

The interactivity of our artistic album is in the ways you browse it and get information. You can use it as an ordinary ebook but you can also click the circle (SVG image to look good on every screen resolution) and get a walkyrie fortune — random of 100 pages with pictures. It’s like fortune cookie.

Another interactive future is the ability to see the transcript if you can’t read it on the image.

Both things are nothing special but we didn’t want any more. May be in the next version ;)

Interactiveness doesn’t work almost anywhere except iBooks and even iBooks are not so good with it. You have almost no control on font choice, size and text align. You can’t control z-index (overlapping of elements) without tricks. You can’t control items layout some times (I had to use bloody tables, back to 2002). You can’t control if items will fit one page or more. The known bug is that sometimes, when one is leafing the catalogue backwards in iBooks on iPhone and then one does it the normal way blank pages may appear but not on the regular basis. Remember the t-shirt?


I think some of my beloved readers and you, the pretty girl from Korea, who googled this page, will find the following information interesting. There would be just lines of technical info so everyone not interested can skip to the next chapter.

Any ePub file is the zipped collection of some stuff and .xhtml’s with CSS, Javascript and other stuff you need on the pages like images. I made ePubs using Sigil for two reasons. First is it has perfect name that suits my needs and magic. Second is it works and has version for Mac OS X. Also it’s opensource if that matters for you. The shortened structure of the book in unusable and hard to edit tree view (hello, opensource) is below.

To work with elements I used jQuery. To react to touches I used this code:

  1. $('#transcript').bind('touchstart', function(e){
  2. });

To hack the issue with z-index (iBooks just acts if it was Internet Explorer 3 to it) I had to call webkit for help:

  1. var tra=$('.help').height()+30;
  2. $('.help').css('-webkit-transform','translateY(-'+tra+'px)');

That’s all nothing more interesting there. I think everyone interested is capable with embeddin SVG image with all that Midxmidymaxymidy ;)

Read don’t interact

All the readers I tested on touch devices aren’t capable with interactivity you can provide in book. They don’t expect you to interact with the book as they have to provide you interaction with the application. So when you have an interactive area on any page of you ebook and user taps it it’s quite not obvious if he expects it to interact (as he may be not used to interactivity and know nothing about it) or just wants application to show menu or some information. While iBooks handled everything not bad I had to remove showing the tip when you tap the photo and create the separate link. The reason is in the tests: I myself accidentally tapped the photo when I wanted to flip the page and though I was touching just the right side of the screen. And as you can control almost nothing the creating of interactive ux is quite a challenge. Also iBooks doesn’t provide any back/forward navigation so if you even clicked a link in an ordinary book to see the notes there is no simple way to get back to reading.


Get our walkyries on your device and enjoy having them with you. You can always impress you friends, colleagues or have something to look it while eating pizza.

As it is and art object our walkyries catalogue is notable on every bookshelf even if it's virtual!


This is the second ebook challenge for me in last week and a half that was made not much longer then previous. Something is in the air.