After redesign of the blog I mentioned, I needed to find the way to display my twitter messages on I used Twitter for WordPress but it doesn’t load message from time to time because of timeout when fetching RSS. So I improved it a little bit to cache the latest RSS of twitter messages, so we could load that cache if RSS from is unavailable at the moment.

Documentation ;)

To use the plugin, place the following function wherever you need to show your twitts, specifying parameters:

  1. twitter_messages('username', [msgs], [list], [timestamp], ['link'], [hyperlinks], [twitter_users], [encode_utf8], ['cachefile']);

username text — your twitter username (required) msgs int — number of messages to display, maximum is 20 list boolean — show twitts in unordered list timestamp boolean — show relative timestamp link text — ‘all’ link all text to twitt / ’’ or false don’t link / true or ‘text’ enable link and you can enter your own text hyperlinks boolean — parse URLs as links twitter_users boolean — parse @username as links encode_utf8 boolean — encode the twitts cachefile text — name and path to file with cache of your twitts (created automatically)

It looks like this for my blog:

  1. < ? twitter_messages('genn_org', 5, true, false, '', true, true, false, "twitter.rss"); ?>


Feel free to download and use Twitter Advanced 2.0 (8 Kbytes). After downloading upload it to your wp-content/plugins folder and activate from Plugins section in WP admin area.

Bug reports

If anything goes wrong — just disable the plugin. I am waiting for your bug reports ;)