Here is a couple of schemes. Schemes of the site structure. I usually create them while working on site information architecture to keep the whole data interaction under control. As I refer to them pretty often, I spend an extra couple of minutes to make them look fancy. These schemes can be expanded or reduced while developing the site but when the IA/UX stuff is developed and decorated (that’s what clients like to call ‘designed’) the site structure schemes usually look quite eye catching. Take a look at this one, pixelated header of which works as the post of the illustration: site scheme (original size)

It may be too fancy and I agree that those arcs on top may make it a bit difficult to understand the connection in a second but it worked ok. I enjoyed every time I had to refer to this scheme and the idea of the arcs is more about symbolizing the amount (bouquet) of connections each page and site section has than making these links more readable. As it is easy to notice, the red ‘Magazine’ section pages refer to the other pages most. Actually, as I look at this scheme now, all the connections are pretty obvious ;)

Here is the another scheme which I had to make after the development started. When I joined the project, there was nothing made about IA, but the programmers coded something and the client was in search of the designer. I had no choice but to streamline the bunch of information and desires they had (it was a list titled ‘Pages we need’ with no hierarchy at all) into this perfectly organized scheme: old version scheme (original size)

As you can see, there are not all blank places filled and they are marked with ‘DIS’. These are the pages that were first delayed, then disqualified as the site was developed.


Both of these schemes were made more than couple of years ago and were outdated as of today but even now I enjoy looking at them and sharing them with you. Making a site design I am often asked to create a custom interesting 404 error page. It is a good news to tell clients nowadays don’t say they don’t need site structure, just the design, they started asking for that.