Tell me the first thing that comes on your mind when you hear Google, Apple, Microsoft, Flickr or Twitter. No, it’s not the technological stuff or something. It’s feeling about that tech things you would think in a second. As in one of episodes in Dilbert series, the artist asks for association on caterpillar phobia. It’s grey octagon as to artist, but other think about another colours and shapes. Same here — we think personal thing about these companies and their products. Some are mac nazi (I really like this term), some just hate macs and adore, dunno, Microsoft or Linux. But we strongly have that feeling about companies. We give it a soul and as the soul as striped as Frankenstein, it is demon, that doesn’t know what to do with it.

Okay, some demons do know, like Apple or Microsoft. These are companies that started working and continue working earning money. But what about Google? One of the cool designers and guys from Google left the job, ‘cause he couldn’t stay it, as he said. The discussions on 1 pixel border reduction can drive mad anyone. I bet noone of the developers would see the difference looking through between 5 and 7 px wide borders. Because it’s irrelevant for them and, let’s tell the truth, they don’t care. Does it say something about it’s search engine or mail service? Nothing! But some would think twice before using the services (if we had a choice) if they sympathise this guy. Others don’t care and Google guys have to work harder to communicate the positive image, to reduce the number of stripes in their Frankenstein’s body. I’ll add this once again: if we had a choice, ‘cause we don’t have many Google competitors. But they will sure come and I’d like to be prepared if I were Google.

We had a client, who told us that there is no sense in starting to build the brand because his market is growing and he gets lots of clients anyway. We asked him, what is his strategy for the moment when market starts growing. He replied that then he would think about building brand. Ah, at least he knew that he needed brand, not just trademark. But he also didn’t realise that he has to have brand earlier the market stops growing, so he could be the authority when others just start thinking about building their brands. It’s also important that building a brand while the market grows is much easier and effective then sticking into the market shared by others. That market our client was talking about stopped to grow in the end of 2008, like most financial markets. Those who started with building their brands are on top now.

So, the more holistic the essence and feeling of the brand in minds of our target audience are, the more is brand loyalty So, the more holistic the essence and feeling of the brand in minds of our target audience are, the more is brand loyalty and the faster you build the brand, the more profit you get.