I ventured to install Mac OS X Snow Leopard on macmini yesterday. Mac Pro was trying hard to show me on the next display that he is good working under Mac OS X Leopard and was trembling when I offered it to instal Snow Leopard on it. So I won’t update OS on Tough Monica and will let Monica help me with Mac OS X Snow leopard testing. Wonder why?

It’s not a coincidence that names of different Mac OS X versions differ so little. Just added “Snow” and that’s all. Changes in the whole OS are short-spoken too. At least you have to give the second and the third sight to mention them. Mac OS X from now on can’t be installed on non-Intel Macs, that’s why my iBook is a little bit sad. Now Mac OS X works faster. I think that difference would be more fascinating on Mac Pro but it works fast enough with Mac OS X Leopard too. A good thing to mention is that all effects are now even animated faster, respect Cupertino guys, and that backs feeling of faster OS.

Boot up and Shut down speed impressed me much! Really fast! The only sad thing is that Mac OS X Snow Leopard didn’t ask me if I am really enough insane to shut down the computer and didn’t show any timer while Leopard did.

Mac OS X Leopard cares if I want to shut down computer or just chose the wrong menu item

I think that in release it’ll be fixed, because all I have now is developers version. Flash drives and CDs with DVDs are now eject much more faster. I couldn’t check if OS really tells which process prevents ejection because I couldn’t provoke any of them to bother me. Overall, all the changes Apple described on it’s site work now, except for Dock Exposé feature — the one I like more then others.


And now to something completely… not so different ;) The most usable for me novelty is the ability to navigate through folders using Stacks and scrollbar there, so I can see all icons in Grid view without filling one or even two 23” Apple Cinema Displays. I dragged my home directory to Stacks and guess what — no Finder needed to open files from folder located somewhere in home folder. That should clean up Desktop a bit.

Talking about Desktop, it’s background was changed. Nothing radical but I like it more.

Leopard on left and Show Leopard next to him

Talking about files on Desktop, screenshots were ones. Now they’re not named Picture 1, Picture 2 etc. but reflect in filename circumstances they were shot in.

Usable novelty in Trash: you can restore file you deleted to the place you deleted it from in two clicks (right click for menu and left click to chose Put back menu item).

Finder supports icons up to 512×512 pixels and slider in the bottom of the window, like in iPhoto, let’s you to change icons’ size without opening Show view options dialog. You probably can preview and prelisten media files just clicking on play button right on file’s icon, but I couldn’t do it ;)

Quick Look now works faster and supports more filetypes, computer can be ordered to sleep with shortcut and not just time but date also can be shown in the main menu.

Other interface changes are so imperceptible that you notice them and then don’t understand what drew your attention. Looks like world became brighter ;)


The hope is the stupid feeling but I had a hope that everything would be ideal. Okay, I am not against a little halting while animation effects act on macmin, they’ll fix it in release I hope (darn, again!). I am against those bloody icons left to some menu items. Hello, Win98? =(


So I’ll wait till release of Mac OS X Snow Leopard and then update for just $29. Nothing revolutionary like it was with Tiger and Leopard. Apple just made good old Leopard more usable. I didn’t install Quicktime X (pretty lame icon it got) and didn’t notice any major changes in Preview except for annotation panel which sux comparing to Skitch.

Quicktime just got worse and not métaphorique any more

If you’re still wondering should you update you Mac OS X to Snow Leopard and all you need is my advice, I’d suggest you to wait till release in September. The summer is pretty short, isn’t it?