I love to cook and dislike using prewritten recipes. Even if I read the recipe I do the dish my own way and it always tastes better ;) I’ve made a salad that I called “Prawn the Queen” recently. It isn’t just tasty but it looks pretty. So I present you the recipe and infographic of this salad. Let’s file it under hightech ;)


5 slices of carambola (starfruit) about 4 mm thick

5 prawns

5 leaves of Crisphead salad

30 gr of mayonnaise

30 gr of olive oil

Tear the salad leaves in tasty-sized pieces, add starfruit slices there (you have to cut slices on two halves so they look like little crowns — six-pointed starfruits suit better). Then boil the prawns, remove their armor and add to the salad and carambola. You can buy precooked prawns so you’ll have just to unfrozen them. Mix mayonnaise with olive oil and pour on ingredients. Mix the salad again and enjoy! This is salad for one.