One of the readers commented ‘How to Draw a Flying Kawaii Cat’ saying that his girlfriend was surprised. She thought he was reading about tampons because something in my instructions appeared to her like Tampax. The reader replied he was reading about the cats, not tampons. If your girlfriend sees you reading this post, tell here it’s about user experience, not tampons.

Hands up everyone who threw away macbook or ipod packaging with no regret. Good news: you are minority ;) Every one of us adores nice packaging sensation even if we don’t realize that. One can either create new cool box, either improve the idea that is used everywhere to make a packaging that feels nice.

Jolly colorful Kotex tampons on the left and random result from 'tampax' search query

Kotex makes hygienic tampons as their competitors do. I can’t say if tampons are good or bad, but my girlfriend uses them so I at least now they exist ;) The interesting thing about Kotex tampons is that it’s very easy and enjoyable to uncover them: just twist both end9s of the cover in opposite ways. The cover would wrap along perforation and the tampon would be ready to use. Furthermore, fixing one of the ends in your hand would allow to hold uncovered tampon by covered end without touching the tampon itself!

It is natural scenario for girls and women to hold one end to twist another. That's the way to open nail polish, lipstick, mascara etc. It seems obvious that images used for Kotex packaging aren't accidental

This way of opening the tampon is faster and easier than waste the time searching for the flap to pull like on the pack of cigarettes. So Kotex improved the usual and not the easiest action and made the addicting scenario out of it. They’ve just thought how to improve the working scenario.


While searching for post illustration I’ve seen Kotex has payed much attention to packaging and usability of its products. I am not sure if the competitors do the same but it would be interesting information to know.