Screenshot of Pepelsbey's with Geolocation turned off

I want new iPhone! I waaant it! But this post is not about iPhone 4. It’s about life and fear. Let me begin with classical joke I came up with to explain what I think about socialization of networks and networking of society:

So that guys enters the pub and barmen gives him Cosmo. — Wtf?! I want pint of Guinness! Barmen hands him HTC Legend with twitter on it where it’s twitted “I like to entar bars and drink Cosmo (@pub…)”. Guy greens: — Bloody hell! Took my girlfriend’s iPhone.

Where is Waldo?

I read about something like that when I was ten in utopias and anti utopias. Big Brother was watching us and we hated that. Now it’s not fiction, it’s real. New Safari 5 supports Geolocation. Now sites can determine where you are with not bad precision. And it’s in HTML 5 features therefore it is in or will be in Chrome, Opera, Firefox and others. Sure browser asks if you would allow it to determine your location but who didn’t press Enter quickly to access the website needed?

I didn’t take a look at Geolocation API but I’m sure we’ll see headlines like this in nearest feature: “12 000 torrent users were jailed by RIAA for downloading new Daft Punk album. Know what? It’s brilliant!” By the way Safari couldn’t determine where I was neither with geolocation turned on, nor off ;)

On the other side I can forbid geolocation and get rid of the local Russian and Ukrainian versions of Google, Reddit, YouTube and other sites who are happy to stab their localization efforts right in my face. And that’s not the only advantage of geolocation. Let’s take Foursquare for example. It helped Ankl a lot when he couldn’t find parking lot in new city. But I’m nervous. It looks like we’re looking at the dragon hatching out and I’m not sure it’s up to us to train it.