Every time when I start doing something for periodical publications I can hardly choose between blue-black and black-blue combinations. This color combinations is diluted by grey, which makes it more — hahaha — delightful. Newspapers are mad about blue. Magazines are mad about red. It’s a good news that guys who made press color schemes didn’t paint our world. Otherwise we would live in the world without photosynthesis because there would be no green. We would choke — we can’t breathe without the oxygen.

Same here: we choke because of unbelievable variations: white letters on blue or red plate or red/blue letters over the photo. Wow! And now to something completely different — red letters with black decoration. Sometimes when we are good enough they give us orange — same as red but more yellow. Ok, guys, it’s too hard to think about more then one or two colors. Then make it black and white. Adding perfect photos and info graphics would do the trick. I still can’t get why the are just two options. Option one — red. Option two — blue. I am quite sure that according to some triangle shaped matrix of emotional connections to colors (that marketers like so much) red is drawing attention and blue looks quite serious, but there is one more thing… I remember how I, feeling myself like Paulo Сoehlo, explained the obvious things: highlighting everything means highlighting nothing.

Existing medias got their style but it can be freshen up with new ideas. Take a look at this couple of good examples from colleagues to get inspired ;)

Times Online added vivid color that made their pages fresh and eye-catching

It’s ok not to choose one lifetime-color for your unique media. You can choose a set of colors or, the situation I like moor, create logo that is recognized in any color variations.

Title on Esquire covers can be red, blue and other ;)
Logo on BG cover can be colored any way designer want though reader would recognize it anyway


This is not “How to create design for your Media in 5 easy steps” tutorial. This is not quite fresh new about colors. There are not just blue and red, there are a couple… millions colors more. The most overwhelming thing is that you can you them! Как оказалось, повоевать за синий цвет — трендовое стремление!