It was a 5-years-long waiting for MINI to hear my thoughts (as they did in c1rca) and make the Cooper I’d buy. Not just buy but also adore, love, respect, be proud of and drive like I’m riding a dream. Here it is — coming soon MINI Cooper Countryman. Besides it’s new design and perfect body it has normal amount of doors. MINI fans can blame me I don’t feel the spirit, banish Countryman out of Cooper family — I don’t care. I just want to ride this perfect six-speed manual gear box beauty!

Just because it’s MINI, the ads are wonderful. I’ll spoil the joy a bit offering you to watch Countryman ad prior to teaser of that car.

As MRNCH said: I'm happy to see car ad that doesn't say 'Your car — your road'

And here’s MINI Countryman teaser. Pay attention to the camouflage that is usually used to hide specific details of new models from papparazi. Now it’s a part of a new promotion:


Those who consider Countryman is not MINI can enjoy my photo of old marvelous MINI taken in Rome: