Me wearing tshirt (photo taken with coffee mug, the quality is adequate)

I’ve suddenly won a tshirt from vitamins. The print is Marylin formed with sliced fruits. The quality of the tshirt with 100% polyester outside and 100% cotton inside is perfect. The quality of the print is good too.

Thanking the tshirt I’d like to give the vitamins a good advice. If you want your tshirt to be worn elsewhere home: to the Toshoshop birtgday, to the night club or even to the vacation in Lisbon, then avoid placing the huge logo right in front. Especially try to avoid such things if the logo isn’t integrated into the print. There are a bunch of places to place the logo: gently on a sleeve, endearingly on the back side under the collar, comfortably at the bottom in front but closer to the seam. Having tshirt with logo placed that way I could answer my friends’ enviously admiring questions: “Where did I get this tshirt from? I’ve won it from Vitrum vitamins!


By the way there is no logo on a tshirt on Кстати, на странице Vitrum facebook page.