It may sound weird but I don’t need so much time to sleep. Plus that, I wake up in perfect mood almost every morning. Sometimes, after my eyes open themselves and smile shines the face, I remember of being sick, deadlines or a little quarrel with my girlfriend. That shades the mood a bit but doesn’t prevent from deciding to start a glorious day and fix all the inconveniences.

My day

I wake up quite early, as others may think, and start doing interesting things. All the tasks look important and interesting when you’re in a good mood.

Let’s say I drew mock-up, came up with filter system architecture and sent these things to the customers at 8 am smiling. I drink my tea, listen to the Robbie Williams’ “Rudebox” and wait for the comments, so I can finish everything as soon as possible. At 10 am I get comments that don’t interfere with common sense a bit. My mood is ruined. At 11 am I don’t want to do a thing, I hate everyone and everything. Ciao! Have a good deadlines without me.

Further work doesn’t sparkle with creative and doesn’t breath with inspiration. That’s why everyone thinks nothing is done.

Normal day

I could wake up at 10 am, so I would finish some tasks till 1-2 pm. My mood would get spoiled at 4-5 pm when I’ll just go for a walk, had a meeting with friends or just read a book — day is almost finished anyway. It won’t matter if your work sparkles at the end of the day — everyone thinks you’re a hard worker and try to make everything faster then it’s possible.

Do I have to learn to sleep more?