So Apple announced it’s iPad that looks much like iPod that was rolled and now supports 3G networks. Though I expected normal Mac OS X on it, not awkward iTunes syncing clumsiness called iPhone OS or something much like it, I think that this product is a big step forward. No, I won’t buy it now or in the next generation, but I can see positive trends.

First of all, there is a dock that is also a keyboard. I think that bluetooth keyboards would be supported too. That’s a real rush forward and I’ll tell you why. Furthermore, developing bigger variety of iPad’s Apple can make the screen size bigger, add camera, install normal OS on them, call the whole line of products iPad Pro and — voilà — replace notebooks and iMacs! Why do you need them if you can take your computer with you literally everywhere. Take it to your work, place it in the dock and work. Take it to your girlfriend and watch latest The Big Bang Theory episode lying in bed. I think this trend would rock. Especially if they add the keyboard to that fancy case.

Second, they’ve shown that normal applications can be made to run under OS that controls iPad. There is iWork already. I don’t expect for Adobe Photoshop or Final Cut Studio but that’s already enough for those who need notebooks just for presentations, movies and pictures. And I think it’s not less then 80% of users.

Nevertheless right now Apple just reinvented the photo frame. You’ll ask me “But what about all that innovations?” That’s what reinvention was about.