The idea to celebrate my 26th birthday in Rome was perfect: we didn’t succeed in robbing the city in 4 days (we’re not Etruscans, you know) but we paid attention to it’s masterpieces, wine, asti, pastas, pizzas and lasagnes. Almost forgot: there was a lot of ice cream!

Rome is warm and comfy. It’s so like home, that you can’t be impressed by it in a moment. You feel like the city is the way it has to be and always was. Every night, sitting on the roof of the fifth floor where exit from our room led, we were drinking wine, eating perfect sandwiches with Salami Milano and were looking at the city going to sleep. It’s safe to walk on the streets even in the night and impossible when the sun is up. There are many tourists everywhere and I doubt I’ll see so much Japanese girls even in Tokyo ;) I won’t write about Coliseum being not as big as I expected — that doesn’t matter. When you’re in Rome you feel like at home. I spent there about 4 days but I feel like I lived in the city for at least half a month. Photos are available on flickr, as usual.

Visual identity

I was really impressed buy Roman Public Transport Services logo and identity of everything related. The logo looks like a folded stripe. It is written Rome on it and there is a coat of arms places, but these elements are optional.

The thing is you always recognise this stripe. If it’s on the subway train — it’s metro. See it on the bus? It is on the bus. Even on the ticket machines and tickets there is a stripe. It’s not folded on tickets, but you recognise it anyway.

When In Rome do as the Romans do

Talking about Romans I’d like to admire their past rulers. They made the status of citizen of Rome very precious and prestigious. They were taking care of the citizens (thus didn’t forget to get money from them) and built forums, arenas, fountains even with drinking water (we drank some — delicious) and they cared about canalisation and water supply systems. That impresses me much.

Modern Romans have a perfect sense of humor. Here’s the pack of stories to describe it ;)


I was buying the ice cream. It usually consists of two flavours, so I had to choose them. The first was melon and the second was a problem: — I’d like melon and… uhm… melon! — Perfect choice, — replied the girl with ice cream. — A little bit of melon? — No! Just melon!

Palm sunday

On the Palm Sunday or how do they call the Sunday before Easter we didn’t go to Vatican to see Pope of the Rome, because we won’t see him anyway — there were supposed to be a lot of people. So we went to wonder in the center of Rome. There near one of the basilicas or churches was free food and wine to celebrate. All the scooters and cars were occupied by eating people.

Suddenly we heard loud “Allo! Garage!” — woman was yelling at a man, who was just going to place wine and food on her scooter.

So we took one plate and two glasses of white wine, found the silent and sunny street and started eating and drinking. Old man walking down the street said something in Italian to us. — We don’t speak Italian, — was my answer. He replied in Italian again. — We don’t understand Italian. — Sure you don’t, — answered that man in English. — That’s why I’m talking in Italian to you!

Then he took our photo and went away.


I can’t say it’s a story, but I chose one restaurant because waiter told me: We never regale microwave in our restaurant!


Roman subway stations. Red line (on the left) and blue line

Roman subway is left-sided. Trains come not from the right side as you can expect after Kiev, Minsk, Lisbon, Sankt-Petersburg, Moscow and Prague, as far as I remember. No, they come from left. Well there is some logic in it: we read from left to right, why should the trains differ?

We felt that awful earthquake the night before my birthday. Quite frightening. Thanks God there were just waves and echoes, not the epicentre near us.

As far as I noticed the texts in Latin totally disrespect space between the words. They always place dot like • in the between the words. If the word is the last in sentence, then distance from dot to next word is bigger. It is good illustrated in the big texts and can hardly be noticed in the texts encircling the top sides of the basilicas and churches walls.