The behavior and color of this car reminds me of friends' cat named Chacha

I was drawing lotsa kawaii pictures yesterday (I hope to reveal the reason in a couple of days). I drew everything needed but the heat wasn’t gone so I continued this morning drawing a cat who was in my dreams. He asked me why I decided not to draw him? A little bit later after the cat was drawn I was asked to teach to draw suck cats. It’s easy and fast that’s why I write this post and ran away to get ready for the New Year’s Eve. As far as cat is a tiger too, I insist you consider this post a holiday greeting ;)


Create oval and convert it to the drop, pull the top part of the drop up, add one more anchor point and form it to look like a head with stick up ear.

Puffy boots

It’s even easier than face. Create rounded rectangle, bend it in the center to make it look dynamically and flying-like, tilt it, copy-paste it and paint the place where the belly is expected.


Draw the tail with the pen, outline strokes and fill it with white stroking with black again. It’s even easier than puffy boots!


Combine all the body parts together, fill with white, stroke with same weight black (not the belly it’s pure white with no strokes). After that add light effects and individuality ;) That’s all. The kawaii cat is ready in less then 10 minutes. To make him look like the cat on top of the post we’ll need to spend 2 more minutes. Do it without me, please — I really need to run!