Not so long ago I was in Benetton and saw a little girl who didn’t like any of clothes proposed. Her parents were despaired. Her reply on every dress was “It’s so retro!”. It lasted until the salesgirl came to them and with a sight of conspiracy proposed the models of 2010.

I felt myself like that girl and her parents about my blog — no space to write posts as I want it to. So I made my own 2010 collection and here it is — mega is as good as new.

Just in case you’re subscribed please renew your RSS-subscriptions, ‘cause I’ve got second language on my blog and stopped using FeedBurner: RSS in Russian and RSS in English. You’d better use this language dependent links, so there would be no inconvenience in the future.

I stopped using FeedBurner for my RSS because of two reasons. They both are Google-dependent.

  1. I was roughly told to move my RSS to Google with no alternatives.
  2. As they do it in Google, everything stopped working at the moment they became in charge: encodings were lost, subscribers weren't counted etc.

So I deleted my feed on FeedBurner and ask you to subscribe once again using the links above. Thanx!

I also thank akella for help with WordPress templates.