I was lucky enough to see theatrical performance California Suitе by Neil Simon performed by BDT. First you notice that actors are not so young but then you need all your emotions and attention to feel the play. You won’t notice Alice Freindlich or Basilashvili feeling yourself like you’re unwanted and sudden guest in another’s room and can be asked out. The plot of the play is about three different stories that happened to different couples in one hotel room number 203. Tarantino made something like that in Four Rooms but it’s completely different and receptionist acted different. Girl dressed like chambermaid came to the stage between the acts and cleaned up the room preparing it for the next act. This utility role was so cool, that I felt that I want to go somewhere like Madrid — feeling of the trips consist much of feeling the hotel for me.

I didn’t want to go to this play, because I still can’t forget last catastrophe with one famous Russian actress playing the main role and actually didn’t consider Basilashvili to be good actor. As it always happens, play on the stage differs from cinématographe. The audience was applauding so hard that actors have to go back to the stage again and again. If you ever get a chance to visit this performance — do not doubt a bit — go to feel breathtaking play, humour and feelings!