Achromatic interface

Safari decided this morning is the morning to stop communicating with me. That was the reason I launched Google Chrome and decided to make it my default browser. As usually I clicked Chrome › Preferences… in menu bar and was surprised nothing happened. I clicked that path again — nothing! The reason was Google Chrome stopped opening settings window because it opens settings in separate tab right where you browse the sites.

Google? Fefefe!

Part of screenshot with almost seamless but existing video background colour difference

As it’s John Lennon’s birthday today (actually Google failed even on that, announcing Lennon’s birthday on 8th of October), Google made a perfect animated logo dedicated to it. Check it on in not so obvious way — you have to click the logo you’ve never clicked before and never new it was active. But Google is always Google — nothing can be done really perfect. Was it really so hard to make the background of video the same as the background of the whole page? Pay more attention to details already, you’re not beta startup for years!

For all those, who think that it’s the YouTube’s way of creating problems I want to remind that YouTube is Google’s. So even if the owner of the service can’t make the service stop ruining videos, what should ordinary users do?

Chuck Norris fact no. ∞: He ruins App Store with terror

Here is another fun fact about Chuck Norris: that was him who bited Apple logo. No, this one is really real not just real like previous ones. Long story short. Chuck Norris got offended by that fact that his application for iPhone had awfull sales and blamed — you’ll never guess — Apple usability for that. Apple App Store should be sorry for that some useless iphone run-and-gun app doesn’t sell. Chuck terrorised Apple Inc. that he’ll move to Android platform from iPhone (did anyone care about that?) and rejected design changes Apple proposed. So Chuck Norris created his own design for App Store and Apple used his idea to change the App Store interface. Know what? Chuck was much better counting to infinity and travelling to Mars then as UX specialist.

And it's 1984

Our parliament decided to pass a law about censorship in internet. Though it’s just a bill now it was voted for by 404 deputies (irony of fate, yeah ;) Briefly, they want internet service providers to log all the information about every user net activity. These logs can be used later to determine if user made something illegal. What is illegal isn’t yet defined is supposed to be later.

Invaders' Response on Moon Bombing

GUI fails of Google Waves

As they perfectly say: there are a lot of talks about invites and so little about Google Wave itself. I’ll help Google and talk about Google Wave. Sorry folks, I don’t have invites to send at looks like had none at all — no easy way to find out and not a word in the Help section. Oh, Google, you are so… so… arrrrgh! Just because it’s invite-only and not everyone can enjoy this, let’s be honest, pathetically cool but practically useless service, I’ll describe you why Google made its best to implement its unique philosophy on awful user experience in one more of its interfaces. Don’t get sad and bored, I’ll highlight just three most outrages GUI fails novelties ;)

What's wrong in getting up early

It may sound weird but I don’t need so much time to sleep. Plus that, I wake up in perfect mood almost every morning. Sometimes, after my eyes open themselves and smile shines the face, I remember of being sick, deadlines or a little quarrel with my girlfriend. That shades the mood a bit but doesn’t prevent from deciding to start a glorious day and fix all the inconveniences.

Stop hiding what I type when I type it

Minutes ago I finished reading one of that “client service vs client” jokes that was supposed to be funny. And it’s not! We’re arguing about modal windows and other GUI issues with usability nazis. Jacob Nielsen tells about the top ten usable inventions of 2008 (some of them are subject to discuss). And we still don’t see what we input when we enter passwords. That sucks.

Don't watch it, man!

Imagine you're a blue naked guy who's in charge of everything but too stupid to take care of humans and too insane to work when his pretty superhero girlfriend wants to have insane sex with him. Isn't that enough? Okay, then imagine you walk about three hours here and there with your penis like with arms at the ready. I want to applause Alan Moore — he did what he promised — a comic book that can't be filmed.

Watchmen is a complete failure, really.

You must be a real evil genius to shoot a film comparing to which Australia and The Curious Case of Benjamin Button look more exciting and more action. And here is the total disaster to finish description: they don't even have that final "I did it!" part if you know what I mean.

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