t.A.T.u. The Retrospective

It was 2003 and thanks to my friend Slava I was highly influenced by David Carson, who was like in superflous opposition to perfect minimal vector shapes of Scandinavian design. The funny thing I was inspired by different photos of skies, concrete and industrial constuctions, pseudo-technical vector trash etc. I tried not to look at David Carson’s works so I couldn’t steal an element. I looked through The End of Print, closed it and never opened again until the project was finished.

I listened to t.A.T.u. but found out they don’t help much, so I started to listen the songs reversed (yes, backwards, so Friend or Foe was like Foe or Friend) and that helped to graze the corners and lines.

I used like thousands of grunge brushes, most of them made by myself. I studied tens of techniques to deteriorate the photos. I combined default fonts as text with decorated text saved as images. Don’t forget that was 2003 and coding wasn’t like nowadays. It was more like puzzle, where you don’t have PNG with alpha-channel, advanced CSS or normal JavaScript. I kept that in mind while drawing every element of the design.

Today I found this lo-res picture of the design and no signs of the sources. I messaged my friends I worked with back then in hope they were more responsible than I was and had backups. It seems to me they don’t, but while writing this post I remembered about one DVD at parents home that may help me. Anyway, the worse it looks the more David Carson it is.

Check the full t.A.T.u. website design in ‘Work’ and appreciate on Behance.

Twenty Ate

テグザー So we finally met again

It was 1994 and I got a thing that is wannabe for 10 years old master of the universe as my birthday present — 5¼” floppy discs drive. It was equipped with adapter that allowed to plug it to computer. Oh, that was a computer that I used to rule assembler and basic worlds. The computer that couldn’t start Turbo Pascal just because it didn’t have 16 colors to represent GUI. There were just white, cyan, magenta and black in one mode and you could switch to more warm palette where you had yellow, green, red and black again. You couldn’t combine palettes, but that didn’t seem to be the problem and the games were interesting and breathtaking. And after I got a 5” drive I could start them from the floppies not from the cassettes that made me quite happy. One of the games that made me listen to the cawing of the drive was Thexder (テグザー). The robot — main hero of the game — that was running through mazes and could transform to a jet made me miss quite a lot homework.

Here we are back in the studio!

Not so long ago I was in Benetton and saw a little girl who didn’t like any of clothes proposed. Her parents were despaired. Her reply on every dress was “It’s so retro!”. It lasted until the salesgirl came to them and with a sight of conspiracy proposed the models of 2010.

I felt myself like that girl and her parents about my blog — no space to write posts as I want it to. So I made my own 2010 collection and here it is — mega is as good as new.

(Russian) Утром выясняем

(Russian) Цветной пост

(Russian) Поедая сплавы

(Russian) С днем рождения, Киев

Astrology, Tarot, Microsoft forune-telling

Hebrew MS Office Today is Hanukkah and I’m revealing the conspiracy! Compare the Microsoft Office for Mac OS X icons and Hebrew letters. Then place the Tarot cards corresponding to these letters (thanx Aleister Crowley). Now check if the cards’ essences are the same as applications’ spirits.

(Russian) Они атакуют!!! Передайте, пожалуйста, соль

(Russian) Яблочная иКнижка снова в центре внимания.
Little Monica Gate

(Russian) Выпал снег ;)

(Russian) Micro and soft

(Russian) Почему я считаю, что UAH ≠ WOW

(Russian) Несколько простых, но полезных правил русского языка

(Russian) déjà vu