Offline UX for Girls

One of the readers commented ‘How to Draw a Flying Kawaii Cat’ saying that his girlfriend was surprised. She thought he was reading about tampons because something in my instructions appeared to her like Tampax. The reader replied he was reading about the cats, not tampons. If your girlfriend sees you reading this post, tell here it’s about user experience, not tampons.

Hands up everyone who threw away macbook or ipod packaging with no regret. Good news: you are minority ;) Every one of us adores nice packaging sensation even if we don’t realize that. One can either create new cool box, either improve the idea that is used everywhere to make a packaging that feels nice.

Yeti News. Guest column

Sign on the door of the office I share with Bo

I wrote a column for Yeti News about branding using game technologies which is a mix of one and a half clever thoughts and something stupid. If you’re good in reading in Russian, you are welcome to read my column.

Twenty Ate

Invaders' Response on Moon Bombing

How do I live without a compass in my phone?!

Okay, iPhone OS 3.0 is out, broken, jailbroken, pwned, owned and other 1337 kittens stuff. I have iPhone that is called Original or 2G (the one with aluminium back, I like it!). I like almost everything about it, especially after I activated Japanese keyboard to type ★ and ♥. It works good, it fell on the different surfaces and still works, even the screen is a little bit damaged and seems like my SIM card is stuck in this iPhone for ages. It suits all my macs and works with them verrrrry good.


Every time I want to update something on my iPhone I have to burn all my belongings, curse my enemies, present all my goods left after fire to the poor and then start casting a spells involving words like “Pwnage”, “Quick pwnage”, “DFU”, “Jailbrake” and others. Can anyone really differ one from the other if they are not side by side in the text and knows this words’ meanings? That’s not all! I have to remember to uncheck some checkboxes, so my iPhone’s start logo won’t look like pineapple and weird drawn Steve Jobs won’t cry his LULZ at me while all that magic stuff with DFU. Isn’t it too much for just maintaining a phone?

Hey, Cupertino, I know you’re reading (or not). Guess what? I’m buying Pre or some thing like that, ‘cause I am tired to live in fear that my iPhone would turn into a brick or pumpkin at midnight! And I prey that owner won’t turn into a rat.

Selling the sales

Name of the company for TV sales. QP may be spelled as ku-pi — “buy” in Russian.

(Russian) Самый странный книжный магазин

(Russian) The world is still unperfect and we have plenty of fuckups to fix

(Russian) Bottom 5ive

(Russian) Daft Work во фритюре

(Russian) Who is on duty today, bro?

(Russian) Мобильный srobbling на

(Russian) Они атакуют!!! Передайте, пожалуйста, соль

(Russian) God Has Rejected the Western World

(Russian) О себе я знаю понаслышке

(Russian) c1rca cx101

(Russian) d | a | m | i | e | n | h | i | r | s | t

(Russian) Аниме, дождь, я и снова осень

(Russian) Эй, вы, упыри и оборотни, давайте занимайтесь своим скотоложеством!