Dull tables, hard infographics

Let’s make the top two of ways people love to organize information. First, for sure, is throwing all data in trash can and forgetting about it. The second is tables. People love tables! They love tables so much that Apple was nothing without spreadsheets software. Apple hired Bill Gates and his Microsoft to make that soft and he was happy to get inspired by Mac OS.

Anyway, let’s get back to the tables. I know a lot of office workers who even write texts in Excel — they find that way of information organization quite comfortable. So once again people love tables. It’s a pity that love doesn’t mean “can do good”. I met too much tables in my life but fell in love with only two of them. Other tables look like informational prison where data has to sit in it’s personal cell jailed.

How to create pretty PowerPoint presentation without killing all the human beings on Earth

Long time ago you have to think of real-sounding story to explain your lies. Today in 21st century you can just make powerpoint presentation. One day it comes to every designer — he has to stare at icon that looks like hebrew qoph letter jumping in his Dock. When this glorious event happened with me I decided to make professional good looking on every PC or Mac presentation and try not to kill all the people while doing it. The first statements were okay but I wanted to kill all and everyone when I finished making the presentation. So I made a list of advices that can help to save not whole Earth population, but at least it’s half.

The Deviance Code

Tell me the first thing that comes on your mind when you hear Google, Apple, Microsoft, Flickr or Twitter. No, it’s not the technological stuff or something. It’s feeling about that tech things you would think in a second. As in one of episodes in Dilbert series, the artist asks for association on caterpillar phobia. It’s grey octagon as to artist, but other think about another colours and shapes. Same here — we think personal thing about these companies and their products. Some are mac nazi (I really like this term), some just hate macs and adore, dunno, Microsoft or Linux. But we strongly have that feeling about companies. We give it a soul and as the soul as striped as Frankenstein, it is demon, that doesn’t know what to do with it.

(Russian) Jolly OS

(Russian) Чуть подтолкни, и поедет

(Russian) Новый MacBook

(Russian) Zoom : Maximize

(Russian) Быть самим собой — вот что важно!

(Russian) Охота на лису

Astrology, Tarot, Microsoft forune-telling

Hebrew MS Office Today is Hanukkah and I’m revealing the conspiracy! Compare the Microsoft Office for Mac OS X icons and Hebrew letters. Then place the Tarot cards corresponding to these letters (thanx Aleister Crowley). Now check if the cards’ essences are the same as applications’ spirits.

(Russian) — Hello, I'm a Mac. — And I'm a Braun…

(Russian) Адресная строка — не приговор.
Deep linking у Flash, Silverlight, Ajax и их друзей

(Russian) Непроторенные дорожки для Silverlight'a. Опыт Adobe/Macromedia Flash

(Russian) Envision Event Prague

(Russian) Micro and soft

(Russian) Nothing personal

(Russian) Виндоус виста ух гайд!