So I woke up at 5am as I love to do and decided to do something epic. I had papers to fill and two personal projects to work on. So I decided to draw the digits for Betali Typeface. The process of creation is also widely presented on my Instagram.

As you can see on the picture, one better doesn’t draw numbers on the sunrise or when the Sun is down as long as digits designed on the sunset are pretty awesome. Good to know but that didn’t help me to get closer to finishing the font. I was going to post this funny dependency of Sun position and digits design when that strange curvy 8 fell into my eye. The reason it did was me interest in LEXON Script Clock two days ago. I like how the designers made those segmented numbers.

After tweaking a bit I had a hero to use and create digits from. So I quickly created the numbers and tested if they are awesome enough. They are. Okay, now I have a set of symbols in case I want to create a segmented clock. Not bad for the Sunday morning I was going to spend playing retro games like Tetris or Unreal Tournament.

There are things to improve, like readability. What if I start with WATCH app? That will lead me to three personal projects instead of two!

Phone back side front

Hey, phone producing companies, place screen and buttons on one side of the cell phone and dynamic on the other. Is that so hard? Every year when summer starts to heat the plastic or glass phone screen starts to stick to your ear or cheek. While it’s just uncomfortable with regular cell phones it makes touch screen phones (like iPhone and its brothers from other producers) unusable. You have to wipe the screen so it could feel you touch it again. Placing the dynamic on the other side of the phone solves that!


Now iHave iPhone 4 and see my iDeas iS useless at least for it. Both surfaces on both sides are glass, but this glass doesn’t stick to your cheek and is not so much affected by sweat. So either you mess with placing screen on the other side, either you make normal glass that doesn’t stick.

MINI Cooper Made for Me

It was a 5-years-long waiting for MINI to hear my thoughts (as they did in c1rca) and make the Cooper I’d buy. Not just buy but also adore, love, respect, be proud of and drive like I’m riding a dream. Here it is — coming soon MINI Cooper Countryman. Besides it’s new design and perfect body it has normal amount of doors. MINI fans can blame me I don’t feel the spirit, banish Countryman out of Cooper family — I don’t care. I just want to ride this perfect six-speed manual gear box beauty!

Just because it’s MINI, the ads are wonderful. I’ll spoil the joy a bit offering you to watch Countryman ad prior to teaser of that car.

Prawn the Queen Salad

I love to cook and dislike using prewritten recipes. Even if I read the recipe I do the dish my own way and it always tastes better ;) I’ve made a salad that I called “Prawn the Queen” recently. It isn’t just tasty but it looks pretty. So I present you the recipe and infographic of this salad. Let’s file it under hightech ;)

Sorry, Mario, the Princess is right after the crossroads

I found a link to stoplight concept of Damjan Stanković on Designer offers to add sectors round the stop light so the drivers could see how soon they can move again and stop their engines thus saving gas and nature.

New rules when dialing from Ukraine

Kawaii Numbers

Okay, it was morning, I wanted to sleep and somehow wrote long interesting and long comment in one blog. Then I woke up swearing at myself: not recent posts in my blog and I write long comments in others. So I decided to post that comment here, adding pictures. It’s about pay cards for cellular operators and its’ usability.

Kettle that boils me

I bought a new kettle today Copco Torino (central on the photo) to replace the old one made in Czechoslovak and burnt like heretic. It’s a miracle that I could find a pretty-looking kettle that suits my kitchen design. I was desperate about other kettles and was about buying electrical one (they got pretty designs). The sparkling circle on it’s lid is whistler and the lid is opened by the gentle press on the front part of handle. I was proud to know that this water boiler without only a hint on spout is 2005 Housewares Design Award winner.

(Russian) Action-cut

(Russian) Another Monica

(Russian) Новый MacBook

(Russian) iPhone гарнитура Sennheiser HD 485

(Russian) 0 £ iPhone/iPod Touch Dock