Apple presents '2010 ≠ 1984'

Yesterday Steve Jobs shared his “Thoughts on Flash” with the whole internet audience. Some think it’s disaster and mutation of Apple into Big Brother. I, the one who’s personal site is 100% Flash and the who wrote a lot about Flash, disagree. The explanation of situation by Jobs is clear and perfect. He says that iPad and iPhone are too “weak” to run Flash — batteries will drain out, processors should be as hot as the son and everything on the screen will be stuck anyway. The explanation why H.264 video is less resource intensive then Flash video is just masterpiece of easy to perceive information. H.264 is decoded by special chip and Flash video is decoded by soft that needs a lot of resources (different chips ;)

Flash 10 Antipasti and URL roundup

I remember how it all started. Long time ago, when dinosaurs were using modems, sites were called homepages and word google meant nothing, there still were URLs of the sites. We called it site addresses and if you wanted to look smartass you could say something like unique address of the web resource based in the world wide web. Programmers now known as it-specialists were programming on their own and it brought to the expected results — strange URLs of different pages. I mean something like which could lead somewhere to the search page or latest news from time to time. Then like the knights without fear and with goodness in hearts came new guys. Strange looking, doing nothing but consultations and calling themselves usabilists.

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