Got sick? Stay at home!

We’ve changed — I hope that’s constant — Ukrainian social ad two years ago. How could we do that? We did that creating really good social ad that would be the ad outdoor agencies would fight to place on their billboards pro bono — that means free. Why was I silent for two years? I could find right words to describe the huge amount of work done. Now when I found them I was happy to write share the knowledge.

Iodide! Iodate! — 2 • Data Visualization on Stream and Books Layout Eplained

Iodinated seafood party together ignoring the scale

It’s half past three in the morning and I write this post while the book about use of iodized salt in bakery is printed. Infographics and tables I wrote about couple of weeks ago (Infographics Howto: Iodide! Iodate!) were used on the pages of this book. Some of them changed a bit, others changed a lot after discussions and specifications of charts targeting. Furthermore there happened to be two books not one as it was expected at the beginning. The second one is thinner about use of iodized salt in Denmark. I’ll write about changed charts at first and then I’ll describe the books makeup process.

Data Visualization (Infographics) Howto: Iodide! Iodate!

Iodine Makes Me Clever tshirt print (dribbbbbbbble edition)

It looks like I am absolutely out of time and won’t be able to translate this post into english for a long time. So let’s consider pictures really worth a thousand words and enjoy the examples of the charts and graphs I made for the book about use of iodized salt in bakery.

I won Marylin (not Manson)

Me wearing tshirt (photo taken with coffee mug, the quality is adequate)

I’ve suddenly won a tshirt from vitamins. The print is Marylin formed with sliced fruits. The quality of the tshirt with 100% polyester outside and 100% cotton inside is perfect. The quality of the print is good too.

Thanking the tshirt I’d like to give the vitamins a good advice.

Twenty Ate

Achromatic interface

Safari decided this morning is the morning to stop communicating with me. That was the reason I launched Google Chrome and decided to make it my default browser. As usually I clicked Chrome › Preferences… in menu bar and was surprised nothing happened. I clicked that path again — nothing! The reason was Google Chrome stopped opening settings window because it opens settings in separate tab right where you browse the sites.

iPhone 4 designer's edition for sale

Please excuse the photo quality because it was taken with some Android HTC phone first generation iPhone

As you may know I’ve broken the glass on my iPhone 4 16Gb that was bought in Great Britain and was never locked. After that it was replaced with brand new front glass and I broke the back glass. So the back part of my iPhone now looks pretty much like decorated with stained glass and doesn’t cut the user because it’s very cool glass that looks quite stylish. As the glass was broken by me one can be sure it is designer’s edition of iPhone. As opposed to other designers I’ll sell my edition much cheaper than iPhone 4 costs here in Kiev (even if you decide to replace the back glass the final price would be still lower than used iPhone). You are welcome to contact me on this matter.

And if you still vague if the back glass is so important here is a story for you I wrote this winter. Thanks to it you would be as sure as I am that iPhone is not just about the back glass but more about user experience and being and iPhone.

Google? Fefefe!

Part of screenshot with almost seamless but existing video background colour difference

As it’s John Lennon’s birthday today (actually Google failed even on that, announcing Lennon’s birthday on 8th of October), Google made a perfect animated logo dedicated to it. Check it on in not so obvious way — you have to click the logo you’ve never clicked before and never new it was active. But Google is always Google — nothing can be done really perfect. Was it really so hard to make the background of video the same as the background of the whole page? Pay more attention to details already, you’re not beta startup for years!

For all those, who think that it’s the YouTube’s way of creating problems I want to remind that YouTube is Google’s. So even if the owner of the service can’t make the service stop ruining videos, what should ordinary users do?

Walkyrie × 100 Interactive Catalogue in Your Mobile Device

Not so long ago me and my fellow antique, travel and glamour photographer from Minsk started a project called Walkyrie. Time passed by and here we are with helveticized vintage photo number 100. One-wow-hundred. It’s not just some kind of milestone or a reason to have some champagne but also some kind of a birthday.

Waking Up

I caught one post in the sea of the drafts I have here. There are 10s of them. Anyway, I’ve chosen one and publish it today because this morning twitter is overfilled with messages like “I want to sleep”. I don’t have a problem waking up with a smile (I don’t use don’t use alarms, imagine that ;). Anyway I sometimes think it’s wrong to get up early. But let’s get back to the topic. Below is the remastered version of text comics I’ve sent to bo one morning.

Walkyrie: Walking Mythology

Yes that's the screenshot of the site described below

Know how to make ideal strawberry crème? Take fresh strawberry, little bit of blender, three smiles, cream, something listed in recipe, vanilla and make it to cooperate somehow. We don’t have any strawberries, and have bunch of smiles and photos taken while walking and made to look a little bit vintage. As in an old joke, we just had to add Helvetica texts and serve. So take your mental spoons, my dear intellectual foodies, because we are serving to the table of your imagination the Walkyrie = photo × helvetica.

Leave Me Alone. And It's not About New iPhone 4

Screenshot of Pepelsbey's with Geolocation turned off

I want new iPhone! I waaant it! But this post is not about iPhone 4. It’s about life and fear. Let me begin with classical joke I came up with to explain what I think about socialization of networks and networking of society:

So that guys enters the pub and barmen gives him Cosmo. — Wtf?! I want pint of Guinness! Barmen hands him HTC Legend with twitter on it where it’s twitted “I like to entar bars and drink Cosmo (@pub…)”. Guy greens: — Bloody hell! Took my girlfriend’s iPhone.


Today was the day to buy cider and meet bear in the grass. Real cider and toy bear. Couple of weeks was the time to draw a logo with “anime like fox” and company name. As to me my drawing suits Firefox loving mac-nazi t-shirt more, but logo consumer was happy. And I was and am happy. Leave you to taste cider.

Apple presents '2010 ≠ 1984'

Yesterday Steve Jobs shared his “Thoughts on Flash” with the whole internet audience. Some think it’s disaster and mutation of Apple into Big Brother. I, the one who’s personal site is 100% Flash and the who wrote a lot about Flash, disagree. The explanation of situation by Jobs is clear and perfect. He says that iPad and iPhone are too “weak” to run Flash — batteries will drain out, processors should be as hot as the son and everything on the screen will be stuck anyway. The explanation why H.264 video is less resource intensive then Flash video is just masterpiece of easy to perceive information. H.264 is decoded by special chip and Flash video is decoded by soft that needs a lot of resources (different chips ;)

Adobe-kadabra Creative Suite 5

Adobe presented it’s new Creative Suite 5 in Kiev. I visited Adobe’s master classes for InDesign earlier, so I was eager to visit this one too. The presented material is fully covered by Creative Suites 5 descriptions on Adobe’s site so I’ll just say thanks to Markus Bledowski (Adobe evangelist) and Russell Viers and list youtube videos describing features I like most and post brief comments. Jokes and quotes are there at the bottom of the post!

Yes. ’Nuff Said

MINI Cooper Made for Me

It was a 5-years-long waiting for MINI to hear my thoughts (as they did in c1rca) and make the Cooper I’d buy. Not just buy but also adore, love, respect, be proud of and drive like I’m riding a dream. Here it is — coming soon MINI Cooper Countryman. Besides it’s new design and perfect body it has normal amount of doors. MINI fans can blame me I don’t feel the spirit, banish Countryman out of Cooper family — I don’t care. I just want to ride this perfect six-speed manual gear box beauty!

Just because it’s MINI, the ads are wonderful. I’ll spoil the joy a bit offering you to watch Countryman ad prior to teaser of that car.

Working parts

Once the man I know and who’s job is something about moving numbers from on Excel row to another asked me, “How aren’t you bored with what you do for living (whatever you do)?” As long as whatever I do including writing is of this post can hardly compete with fascinating words of numbers and Excel I started explaining how I still haven’t shoot myself because of all this dull design and ad things I do. I stated that as for me, the secret of successful and interesting job, whatever you do, is in enjoying it. Working under whiplash is nonsense, you have to change either your attitude or your work. Laundering seals, joking on Higgs boson or making sites must be made with ease. That’s when the work will thank you with great ideas and good emotions.

How to Draw a Flying Cat Really Fast

The behavior and color of this car reminds me of friends' cat named Chacha

I was drawing lotsa kawaii pictures yesterday (I hope to reveal the reason in a couple of days). I drew everything needed but the heat wasn’t gone so I continued this morning drawing a cat who was in my dreams. He asked me why I decided not to draw him? A little bit later after the cat was drawn I was asked to teach to draw suck cats. It’s easy and fast that’s why I write this post and ran away to get ready for the New Year’s Eve. As far as cat is a tiger too, I insist you consider this post a holiday greeting ;)

Chuck Norris fact no. ∞: He ruins App Store with terror

Here is another fun fact about Chuck Norris: that was him who bited Apple logo. No, this one is really real not just real like previous ones. Long story short. Chuck Norris got offended by that fact that his application for iPhone had awfull sales and blamed — you’ll never guess — Apple usability for that. Apple App Store should be sorry for that some useless iphone run-and-gun app doesn’t sell. Chuck terrorised Apple Inc. that he’ll move to Android platform from iPhone (did anyone care about that?) and rejected design changes Apple proposed. So Chuck Norris created his own design for App Store and Apple used his idea to change the App Store interface. Know what? Chuck was much better counting to infinity and travelling to Mars then as UX specialist.

Whither goest thou?

"Warsaw zombies attacking Berlin pedestrian" on flickr

How were things invented couple of ages ago? You tied key to kite, set under the apple tree and waited while physics did its work. Not the most laborious process. You just had not to mix up what to tie and where to sit. Inventions are much easier nowadays: google it, find it, twitter it and here’s you fresh baked invention!

Nevertheless there are some freaks who glue keys to the hedgehogs, launch pines to the orbit, sit under different objects, clap the desolate falling tree in lonely rainforests with one hand and act even more meaningful trying to find something unique and interesting. So new and useful that everyone would say “ORLY!!!” and understand how the Universe is working.

Such a perfect intro and it’s in vain.

テグザー So we finally met again

It was 1994 and I got a thing that is wannabe for 10 years old master of the universe as my birthday present — 5¼” floppy discs drive. It was equipped with adapter that allowed to plug it to computer. Oh, that was a computer that I used to rule assembler and basic worlds. The computer that couldn’t start Turbo Pascal just because it didn’t have 16 colors to represent GUI. There were just white, cyan, magenta and black in one mode and you could switch to more warm palette where you had yellow, green, red and black again. You couldn’t combine palettes, but that didn’t seem to be the problem and the games were interesting and breathtaking. And after I got a 5” drive I could start them from the floppies not from the cassettes that made me quite happy. One of the games that made me listen to the cawing of the drive was Thexder (テグザー). The robot — main hero of the game — that was running through mazes and could transform to a jet made me miss quite a lot homework.

Portugal Pro

It’s almost a year since I’ve visited Portugal. I can’t forget this country and want to come back to comfy streets of Lisbon, feel +20 °C in December, walk by bank and finally buy that t-shirt with tram #28 on it. I didn’t think that I want it so much until Tonya Shoo asked me in facebook: “Hello! I’ve noticed you’ve been to Lisbon. We are going there too, would you please recommend anything?… I’ve already read about Vino Verde.” I wanted to write something brief and clear, but tough luck ;)

And it's 1984

Our parliament decided to pass a law about censorship in internet. Though it’s just a bill now it was voted for by 404 deputies (irony of fate, yeah ;) Briefly, they want internet service providers to log all the information about every user net activity. These logs can be used later to determine if user made something illegal. What is illegal isn’t yet defined is supposed to be later.

New rules when dialing from Ukraine

Invaders' Response on Moon Bombing

I love iTunes 9 more than 8

iTunes 8 and iTunes 9 on the right it's alright ;)

Slightly changed GUI elements setting distance between Mac OS X and its’ competitors, who are in different ways get “inspired” looking at Mac OS X. I hope that iTunes 9 GUI design let’s us kinda spy through the keyhole and get info about how the next Mac OS X design would look like.

By the way, did you know how to turn the best mini player mode in iTunes? Use ⌘W keyboard shortcut. It just can’t be more minimalistic!

What's wrong in getting up early

It may sound weird but I don’t need so much time to sleep. Plus that, I wake up in perfect mood almost every morning. Sometimes, after my eyes open themselves and smile shines the face, I remember of being sick, deadlines or a little quarrel with my girlfriend. That shades the mood a bit but doesn’t prevent from deciding to start a glorious day and fix all the inconveniences.

Dramatic Californication

I was lucky enough to see theatrical performance California Suitе by Neil Simon performed by BDT. First you notice that actors are not so young but then you need all your emotions and attention to feel the play. You won’t notice Alice Freindlich or Basilashvili feeling yourself like you’re unwanted and sudden guest in another’s room and can be asked out. The plot of the play is about three different stories that happened to different couples in one hotel room number 203. Tarantino made something like that in Four Rooms but it’s completely different and receptionist acted different. Girl dressed like chambermaid came to the stage between the acts and cleaned up the room preparing it for the next act. This utility role was so cool, that I felt that I want to go somewhere like Madrid — feeling of the trips consist much of feeling the hotel for me.

I didn’t want to go to this play, because I still can’t forget last catastrophe with one famous Russian actress playing the main role and actually didn’t consider Basilashvili to be good actor. As it always happens, play on the stage differs from cinématographe. The audience was applauding so hard that actors have to go back to the stage again and again. If you ever get a chance to visit this performance — do not doubt a bit — go to feel breathtaking play, humour and feelings!

How do I live without a compass in my phone?!

Okay, iPhone OS 3.0 is out, broken, jailbroken, pwned, owned and other 1337 kittens stuff. I have iPhone that is called Original or 2G (the one with aluminium back, I like it!). I like almost everything about it, especially after I activated Japanese keyboard to type ★ and ♥. It works good, it fell on the different surfaces and still works, even the screen is a little bit damaged and seems like my SIM card is stuck in this iPhone for ages. It suits all my macs and works with them verrrrry good.


Every time I want to update something on my iPhone I have to burn all my belongings, curse my enemies, present all my goods left after fire to the poor and then start casting a spells involving words like “Pwnage”, “Quick pwnage”, “DFU”, “Jailbrake” and others. Can anyone really differ one from the other if they are not side by side in the text and knows this words’ meanings? That’s not all! I have to remember to uncheck some checkboxes, so my iPhone’s start logo won’t look like pineapple and weird drawn Steve Jobs won’t cry his LULZ at me while all that magic stuff with DFU. Isn’t it too much for just maintaining a phone?

Hey, Cupertino, I know you’re reading (or not). Guess what? I’m buying Pre or some thing like that, ‘cause I am tired to live in fear that my iPhone would turn into a brick or pumpkin at midnight! And I prey that owner won’t turn into a rat.

No you don't know what it's like. Welcome to my life

Part of Life series second season 21st episode

It’s hard to believe but being addicted to series three years ago was a shame. Nowadays even in the night clubs you can hear someone discussing the latest House M.D. episode crying trying to be louder then music. I already wrote about my favourite series, and not once. Looks like it’s time to make a new list — the more series I watch, the more I adore.

About couple of weeks ago I finished watching Life series. The plot is about offbeat detective Charlie Crews, who returns to the force after serving time in prison for a crime he didn’t commit. He gets from $5 to 50 millions for his silence. He also like fruits and Zen. Everything else is subject of watching ;) You’d better watch it in English, because only some episodes are translated and that translation is awful… as usual.

Looks like the 21st episode would be the last, but it was not the plot of the series that made me write this post. I was impressed by soundtracks during hunt on Russian mafia: that were songs of Tatu and Russian “rapper” Seryoga. Those who aren’t afraid of spoilers or arent’ going to watch series can push the play button on the top picture to see themselves how soundtracks work ;) Respect nbc!

Stop hiding what I type when I type it

Minutes ago I finished reading one of that “client service vs client” jokes that was supposed to be funny. And it’s not! We’re arguing about modal windows and other GUI issues with usability nazis. Jacob Nielsen tells about the top ten usable inventions of 2008 (some of them are subject to discuss). And we still don’t see what we input when we enter passwords. That sucks.

Here we are back in the studio!

Not so long ago I was in Benetton and saw a little girl who didn’t like any of clothes proposed. Her parents were despaired. Her reply on every dress was “It’s so retro!”. It lasted until the salesgirl came to them and with a sight of conspiracy proposed the models of 2010.

I felt myself like that girl and her parents about my blog — no space to write posts as I want it to. So I made my own 2010 collection and here it is — mega is as good as new.

(Russian) Another Monica

(Russian) Jolly OS

(Russian) Чуть подтолкни, и поедет

(Russian) Мне нравятся переезды, переезды (I like to move it, move it)

(Russian) Новый MacBook

(Russian) Five cm/sec

(Russian) No CX101

(Russian) Утром выясняем

(Russian) Самый странный книжный магазин

(Russian) Слоган Борисполя

(Russian) Киев — Минск — Киев на Ford Fusion

(Russian) Glamour de Chine

(Russian) Десять дней в стране кондиционеров и Библейских мест

(Russian) Рассказ о сайтах в G-Club

(Russian) Быть самим собой — вот что важно!

(Russian) wall•e: мужчины с Земли, женщины с Аксиомы

(Russian) Панда Кунг-Фу

(Russian) С днем рождения, Киев

(Russian) Daft Work во фритюре

(Russian) Неймінґ

(Russian) — Hello, I'm a Mac. — And I'm a Braun…

(Russian) God Has Rejected the Western World

(Russian) S Novym godom

(Russian) Выпал снег ;)

(Russian) Mac OS X Another Cat

(Russian) <lj user=igor_safonov />

(Russian) déjà vu

(Russian) Возвращаемся под визг фанфар