Not just Chuck Lorre works on lotsa cool series but he also like to say something like-wise in the end of each episode. Hyperlinks were just a matter of time.

No you don't know what it's like. Welcome to my life

Part of Life series second season 21st episode

It’s hard to believe but being addicted to series three years ago was a shame. Nowadays even in the night clubs you can hear someone discussing the latest House M.D. episode crying trying to be louder then music. I already wrote about my favourite series, and not once. Looks like it’s time to make a new list — the more series I watch, the more I adore.

About couple of weeks ago I finished watching Life series. The plot is about offbeat detective Charlie Crews, who returns to the force after serving time in prison for a crime he didn’t commit. He gets from $5 to 50 millions for his silence. He also like fruits and Zen. Everything else is subject of watching ;) You’d better watch it in English, because only some episodes are translated and that translation is awful… as usual.

Looks like the 21st episode would be the last, but it was not the plot of the series that made me write this post. I was impressed by soundtracks during hunt on Russian mafia: that were songs of Tatu and Russian “rapper” Seryoga. Those who aren’t afraid of spoilers or arent’ going to watch series can push the play button on the top picture to see themselves how soundtracks work ;) Respect nbc!

Don't watch it, man!

Imagine you're a blue naked guy who's in charge of everything but too stupid to take care of humans and too insane to work when his pretty superhero girlfriend wants to have insane sex with him. Isn't that enough? Okay, then imagine you walk about three hours here and there with your penis like with arms at the ready. I want to applause Alan Moore — he did what he promised — a comic book that can't be filmed.

Watchmen is a complete failure, really.

You must be a real evil genius to shoot a film comparing to which Australia and The Curious Case of Benjamin Button look more exciting and more action. And here is the total disaster to finish description: they don't even have that final "I did it!" part if you know what I mean.

WTF — (англ.) что у людей в голове

(Russian) Jolly OS

(Russian) Quantum-shmantum

(Russian) 0 £ iPhone/iPod Touch Dock

(Russian) Don't ever call me Theodor

(Russian) Speed Racer

(Russian) Why So Serious?

(Russian) Hancock: папье-маше из испорченных идей

(Russian) wall•e: мужчины с Земли, женщины с Аксиомы

(Russian) Халтурка на дому

(Russian) Особо опасный сумеречный мел судьбы или с легким паром — 2

(Russian) Robots don't go to Heaven

(Russian) Панда Кунг-Фу

(Russian) Серийные убийцы времени

(Russian) Cloverfield

(Russian) Пластилиновая химера