I won Marylin (not Manson)

Me wearing tshirt (photo taken with coffee mug, the quality is adequate)

I’ve suddenly won a tshirt from vitamins. The print is Marylin formed with sliced fruits. The quality of the tshirt with 100% polyester outside and 100% cotton inside is perfect. The quality of the print is good too.

Thanking the tshirt I’d like to give the vitamins a good advice.

Side View

Source: Маркер

As MTS changed its logo a tiny bit (you can see that huge changes above), I’d like to remind about the post I wrote about their egg-logo some time ago: Identify Yourself. This logo in one of the resembling logos of another companies that are owned by the same holding or corporation. Would they change logos for them too? I highly doubt. And it’s still red on red. I hope they would stop being ashamed of their logo and start calling egg the egg, not ellipsoid.

Identify yourself

Add dimensions and substract bodies

Peugeot changed it’s logo because of 200th anniversary. Okey, they removed the tongue and body — their will. But what about the font? Does it have to be so freaky? I think that fixing it a bit to look normal would be much better. Something like this:

News spectrum

Every time when I start doing something for periodical publications I can hardly choose between blue-black and black-blue combinations. This color combinations is diluted by grey, which makes it more — hahaha — delightful. Newspapers are mad about blue. Magazines are mad about red. It’s a good news that guys who made press color schemes didn’t paint our world. Otherwise we would live in the world without photosynthesis because there would be no green. We would choke — we can’t breathe without the oxygen.

The Deviance Code

Tell me the first thing that comes on your mind when you hear Google, Apple, Microsoft, Flickr or Twitter. No, it’s not the technological stuff or something. It’s feeling about that tech things you would think in a second. As in one of episodes in Dilbert series, the artist asks for association on caterpillar phobia. It’s grey octagon as to artist, but other think about another colours and shapes. Same here — we think personal thing about these companies and their products. Some are mac nazi (I really like this term), some just hate macs and adore, dunno, Microsoft or Linux. But we strongly have that feeling about companies. We give it a soul and as the soul as striped as Frankenstein, it is demon, that doesn’t know what to do with it.