Two traffic advices for Yandex

Achromatic interface

Safari decided this morning is the morning to stop communicating with me. That was the reason I launched Google Chrome and decided to make it my default browser. As usually I clicked Chrome › Preferences… in menu bar and was surprised nothing happened. I clicked that path again — nothing! The reason was Google Chrome stopped opening settings window because it opens settings in separate tab right where you browse the sites.

iPhone 4 designer's edition for sale

Please excuse the photo quality because it was taken with some Android HTC phone first generation iPhone

As you may know I’ve broken the glass on my iPhone 4 16Gb that was bought in Great Britain and was never locked. After that it was replaced with brand new front glass and I broke the back glass. So the back part of my iPhone now looks pretty much like decorated with stained glass and doesn’t cut the user because it’s very cool glass that looks quite stylish. As the glass was broken by me one can be sure it is designer’s edition of iPhone. As opposed to other designers I’ll sell my edition much cheaper than iPhone 4 costs here in Kiev (even if you decide to replace the back glass the final price would be still lower than used iPhone). You are welcome to contact me on this matter.

And if you still vague if the back glass is so important here is a story for you I wrote this winter. Thanks to it you would be as sure as I am that iPhone is not just about the back glass but more about user experience and being and iPhone.

Walkyrie × 100 Interactive Catalogue in Your Mobile Device

Not so long ago me and my fellow antique, travel and glamour photographer from Minsk started a project called Walkyrie. Time passed by and here we are with helveticized vintage photo number 100. One-wow-hundred. It’s not just some kind of milestone or a reason to have some champagne but also some kind of a birthday.

33 hrs project

I didn’t post to blog like for ages. Now I am back, at least I hope that my drafts won’t grow mouldy and I’ll finish them. What’s the best way to tell your brain to start working? Make something interesting and resource-intensive. So we (me and akella) did it — 24 hours project. It took us 33 hours to finish. When it was 26th hour we started to notice that it takes more than two dozens of hours, on the hour 30 we understood that we are a bit late. Anyway, we finished and one of us went to have some meal and another started writing the blog post, fell asleep right in front of his display and pushed a ‘Publish’ button just now ;)

Leave Me Alone. And It's not About New iPhone 4

Screenshot of Pepelsbey's with Geolocation turned off

I want new iPhone! I waaant it! But this post is not about iPhone 4. It’s about life and fear. Let me begin with classical joke I came up with to explain what I think about socialization of networks and networking of society:

So that guys enters the pub and barmen gives him Cosmo. — Wtf?! I want pint of Guinness! Barmen hands him HTC Legend with twitter on it where it’s twitted “I like to entar bars and drink Cosmo (@pub…)”. Guy greens: — Bloody hell! Took my girlfriend’s iPhone.

Phone back side front

Hey, phone producing companies, place screen and buttons on one side of the cell phone and dynamic on the other. Is that so hard? Every year when summer starts to heat the plastic or glass phone screen starts to stick to your ear or cheek. While it’s just uncomfortable with regular cell phones it makes touch screen phones (like iPhone and its brothers from other producers) unusable. You have to wipe the screen so it could feel you touch it again. Placing the dynamic on the other side of the phone solves that!


Now iHave iPhone 4 and see my iDeas iS useless at least for it. Both surfaces on both sides are glass, but this glass doesn’t stick to your cheek and is not so much affected by sweat. So either you mess with placing screen on the other side, either you make normal glass that doesn’t stick.


Today was the day to buy cider and meet bear in the grass. Real cider and toy bear. Couple of weeks was the time to draw a logo with “anime like fox” and company name. As to me my drawing suits Firefox loving mac-nazi t-shirt more, but logo consumer was happy. And I was and am happy. Leave you to taste cider.

Dull tables, hard infographics

Let’s make the top two of ways people love to organize information. First, for sure, is throwing all data in trash can and forgetting about it. The second is tables. People love tables! They love tables so much that Apple was nothing without spreadsheets software. Apple hired Bill Gates and his Microsoft to make that soft and he was happy to get inspired by Mac OS.

Anyway, let’s get back to the tables. I know a lot of office workers who even write texts in Excel — they find that way of information organization quite comfortable. So once again people love tables. It’s a pity that love doesn’t mean “can do good”. I met too much tables in my life but fell in love with only two of them. Other tables look like informational prison where data has to sit in it’s personal cell jailed.

Apple presents '2010 ≠ 1984'

Yesterday Steve Jobs shared his “Thoughts on Flash” with the whole internet audience. Some think it’s disaster and mutation of Apple into Big Brother. I, the one who’s personal site is 100% Flash and the who wrote a lot about Flash, disagree. The explanation of situation by Jobs is clear and perfect. He says that iPad and iPhone are too “weak” to run Flash — batteries will drain out, processors should be as hot as the son and everything on the screen will be stuck anyway. The explanation why H.264 video is less resource intensive then Flash video is just masterpiece of easy to perceive information. H.264 is decoded by special chip and Flash video is decoded by soft that needs a lot of resources (different chips ;)


So Apple announced it’s iPad that looks much like iPod that was rolled and now supports 3G networks. Though I expected normal Mac OS X on it, not awkward iTunes syncing clumsiness called iPhone OS or something much like it, I think that this product is a big step forward. No, I won’t buy it now or in the next generation, but I can see positive trends.

Chuck Norris fact no. ∞: He ruins App Store with terror

Here is another fun fact about Chuck Norris: that was him who bited Apple logo. No, this one is really real not just real like previous ones. Long story short. Chuck Norris got offended by that fact that his application for iPhone had awfull sales and blamed — you’ll never guess — Apple usability for that. Apple App Store should be sorry for that some useless iphone run-and-gun app doesn’t sell. Chuck terrorised Apple Inc. that he’ll move to Android platform from iPhone (did anyone care about that?) and rejected design changes Apple proposed. So Chuck Norris created his own design for App Store and Apple used his idea to change the App Store interface. Know what? Chuck was much better counting to infinity and travelling to Mars then as UX specialist.

Mask so flu won't recognize you

Flu masks. Full collection available at

You have to change your flu mask every 2 or 3 hours or it will hold the bacteria party. Stylish flu masks (you can buy them) are the best for protection. The official soundtrack is ♫ California Dreamin’.

Update: You can buy flu masks here

I love iTunes 9 more than 8

iTunes 8 and iTunes 9 on the right it's alright ;)

Slightly changed GUI elements setting distance between Mac OS X and its’ competitors, who are in different ways get “inspired” looking at Mac OS X. I hope that iTunes 9 GUI design let’s us kinda spy through the keyhole and get info about how the next Mac OS X design would look like.

By the way, did you know how to turn the best mini player mode in iTunes? Use ⌘W keyboard shortcut. It just can’t be more minimalistic!

How do I live without a compass in my phone?!

Okay, iPhone OS 3.0 is out, broken, jailbroken, pwned, owned and other 1337 kittens stuff. I have iPhone that is called Original or 2G (the one with aluminium back, I like it!). I like almost everything about it, especially after I activated Japanese keyboard to type ★ and ♥. It works good, it fell on the different surfaces and still works, even the screen is a little bit damaged and seems like my SIM card is stuck in this iPhone for ages. It suits all my macs and works with them verrrrry good.


Every time I want to update something on my iPhone I have to burn all my belongings, curse my enemies, present all my goods left after fire to the poor and then start casting a spells involving words like “Pwnage”, “Quick pwnage”, “DFU”, “Jailbrake” and others. Can anyone really differ one from the other if they are not side by side in the text and knows this words’ meanings? That’s not all! I have to remember to uncheck some checkboxes, so my iPhone’s start logo won’t look like pineapple and weird drawn Steve Jobs won’t cry his LULZ at me while all that magic stuff with DFU. Isn’t it too much for just maintaining a phone?

Hey, Cupertino, I know you’re reading (or not). Guess what? I’m buying Pre or some thing like that, ‘cause I am tired to live in fear that my iPhone would turn into a brick or pumpkin at midnight! And I prey that owner won’t turn into a rat.

Snow Leopard sneak pick

I ventured to install Mac OS X Snow Leopard on macmini yesterday. Mac Pro was trying hard to show me on the next display that he is good working under Mac OS X Leopard and was trembling when I offered it to instal Snow Leopard on it. So I won’t update OS on Tough Monica and will let Monica help me with Mac OS X Snow leopard testing. Wonder why?

We won't go to Opera today, honey

There are three ways to make a tasty dish. You can take everything you consider to be tasty, mix it and throw into boiling oil. It would be fried and even can be tasty. My friend, who came from London to have a pint of beer with me in Kiev, told me about Fried Mars — you have to fry Mars in boiling oil. Someone can even find it tasty, but let’s get back from Mars to Earth. The second way to make a dish is used by chefs in restaurants: you’ll have to know how to cook masterly. But this is the hardest way and not everyone can do it while the first is within everyone’s power. There is one more way where you don’t have to be virtuoso of cooking but still will be able to make a tasty… erm… result ;) Just cook like it’s written in the cookbook!

I’ve just realised that the metaphor would only win if I use cocktails instead of dishes but the I’ll have to get rid of Fried Mars, so let’s leave the things they are.

So, the choice of the way to cook for a person, who just wants to make tasty dinner but isn’t in any way chief cook, is obvious. He or she takes the cookbook and cooks instead of throwing pickles, Skittles, two sausages, vanilla and unagi in boiling oil, expecting for acceptable result.

The Deviance Code

Tell me the first thing that comes on your mind when you hear Google, Apple, Microsoft, Flickr or Twitter. No, it’s not the technological stuff or something. It’s feeling about that tech things you would think in a second. As in one of episodes in Dilbert series, the artist asks for association on caterpillar phobia. It’s grey octagon as to artist, but other think about another colours and shapes. Same here — we think personal thing about these companies and their products. Some are mac nazi (I really like this term), some just hate macs and adore, dunno, Microsoft or Linux. But we strongly have that feeling about companies. We give it a soul and as the soul as striped as Frankenstein, it is demon, that doesn’t know what to do with it.

Safari IV for Mac OS 10

Этот текст уже был написан вчера, так что я решил запостить его побыстрее. Я надеюсь, что в конце концов отыщу в себе силы перевести его на русский ;)

So Safari 4 beta is finally out. People in Cupertino made a good work implementing different stuff and adding new features to the browser. Not so long ago I described why I dislike new interface of Firefox 3. Time has come for Safari 4. The most magnificent remake was about the core of the browser — it loads pages faster and finally stopped bugging waiting while Gmail executes it’s scripts. You all know that dialogs about “Oh! God! Script is too buggy and your Mac will become unstable as long as nuclear war starts. Do you like to start the war?”. But I am not going to speak about core, new CSS and JS things. I was told that so-called SquirellFish technology is used to make Safari work faster. Sounds like mad scientist’s experiment on genetics to make a wicked mermaid. I doubt this mmm animal(?) tastes good, but it gave a great boost to Safari. It kinda swims in the ocean of internet biting the xHTML-code. The post is about GUI. You can check all 150 features (some of them are almost equal ;) but here’s what’s new as to me and GUI:

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