Adobe presented it’s new Creative Suite 5 in Kiev. I visited Adobe’s master classes for InDesign earlier, so I was eager to visit this one too. The presented material is fully covered by Creative Suites 5 descriptions on Adobe’s site so I’ll just say thanks to Markus Bledowski (Adobe evangelist) and Russell Viers and list youtube videos describing features I like most and post brief comments. Jokes and quotes are there at the bottom of the post!




Post Production applications

I am not post production professional but thanks to Markus I was quite interested. First it was demonstrated to us how Adobe soft helped with Avatar. Then Markus has shown us how Adobe Premier Pro associates monologues from script with video using voice recognition (first useful use of technology, isn’t it?). After that he transcoded that video to DVD and Flash using Encore.

The final part was recreating a bit of famous Samsung 3D TV commercial using After Effects.

Markus made something rough but similar to the effects shown

All post production applications use the same cache on HDD so the data is updated automatically with every change if you work with the same file.


Adobe goes on separating developers and coders in Flash more and more. Now there is Flash Catalyst so designers could design their interfaces without writing a line of code. And there is InDesign with new features for interactive medias that help to create interactive version of print magazine made in InDesign in just, dunno, and hour or two!

Now I see why Adobe was so angry with Apple’s deny to support flash and flash-generated applications on iPad. By the way, the generated swf is very intelligent — it stores all linked files in separate folder not in the swf file.

Wired uses Adobe Creative Suite to become more interactive. Though no way to use it on iPad

Dreamweaver was nothing interesting to me.

Interesting Facts

You can import 3d file to Photoshop, save it as psd and use it in other Adobe Applications as 3d model. It’s called Live Photoshop 3D.

Mini Bridge in all CS5 applications looks like enhanced open dialog. I think I’ll use it.

Adobe goes online more and more offering paid services. In InDesign CS5 you can publish your project right to and send link to it to everyone involved. They can leave comments viewing your work right there and you’ll get them right into InDesign GUI. Sounds like… fun?

Now you can name and change positions of art boards in Illustrator.

CS5 applications’ GUI and UX is more uniform now but there are flex-like GUI elements here or there especially in the “online” parts of interface.

Icons and splash screens have changed a lot and became more crazy (it’s not so hard to be more crazy then rectangle with a gradient, right?). Shawn Cheris told about the changes in two parts: one and two.

Jokes and Quotes

Russell Viers

— What’s your name? — Volodymyr. — Wha… Lah… Can I call you Bill?

I prompted adobe to place ad in dialogs with progress bars. That way they could earn money to make soft free for us.

Markus Bledowski

We don’t have problems — we have challenges!

Don’t ask if it’s possible. Ask how it’s possible.

Client comes and says he wants to recolor car in the video. Which color? He doesn’t know. Surprise me! Okay, that means pink. Then he asks the same color but different tone. That means green.

Roman Menyakin

While doing some complex task. Roman: Adobe-kadabra! Russel: Pow!


I’m quite sure my post doesn’t cover everything told on the master classes and presentation but Adobe doesn’t film or record in anyway its events and there no wifi so I could spam twitter with my emotions. Anyway, everything was quite interesting! And pen with notebook with Adobe’s logos are now living in my bag and magnet with I ♥ Adobe on it is laying sad — I don’t actually like them. So if anyone wants to have such stylish magnet on his or her fridge — just tell me.

I couldn't make my IXUS picture it right, sorry. Here it is — the blurred magnet ;)

At last and not connected to the post topic I want to greet my friend Yura (akella). He’s 14 or 35 or something like that today!