Yesterday Steve Jobs shared his “Thoughts on Flash” with the whole internet audience. Some think it’s disaster and mutation of Apple into Big Brother. I, the one who’s personal site is 100% Flash and the who wrote a lot about Flash, disagree. The explanation of situation by Jobs is clear and perfect. He says that iPad and iPhone are too “weak” to run Flash — batteries will drain out, processors should be as hot as the son and everything on the screen will be stuck anyway. The explanation why H.264 video is less resource intensive then Flash video is just masterpiece of easy to perceive information. H.264 is decoded by special chip and Flash video is decoded by soft that needs a lot of resources (different chips ;)

When it was first time that I found out that my won’t be available on iPhone because it’s flash I became a little bit sad. But then, after thinking on that, I realized that there is not tools for “mouse over” events in touch interfaces. Furthermore, there are no such events while stylish menu on my site is based right on that feature. Steve Jobs told about that too but he forgot to put link to my site ;)

Adobe replies

I expected Adobe to not arguing but cooperating with Apple. Adobe made a bunch of cool tools that help generate interactive content using CS5 applications. I understand why Apple restrictions made them sad but I don’t get why they consider it’s a war declaration. As to me, they should discuss things with Apple and come up with one easy to use, produce and decode format for interactive medias. I intend it to be PDF! That would be perfect for Adobe which will certainly become the number one for publishers, perfect for Apple which’ll get more and more content for it’s iPad users and will be able to make new subscription services. They will film the process of creating interactive media together with Wired and everyone will be happy, but no…

Adobe CEO Shantanu Narayen Adobe CS5 presentation used Apple computers or notebooks. Markus Bledowski started explaining post production application on desktop PC with Windows 7 but then had to switch to his white two years old macbook as the interface of Windows looked unfamiliar to him. After that he replied all the time: Look! Adobe optimized everything so perfect even my little one works wonderful without dropping frames!